Self understanding

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Yes Paul, don't forget I was always there when you needed me. I sacrificed everything to ensure you are good, now you tell me am worthless and turning my dreams astray. this kind of scenario comes up when we don't understand
that we worth more than we are treated.
    Sometimes we tend to misunderstand the concept of self understanding and believing in oneself. This arises as a quest of acting based on set principles and getting to understand the real being of oneself despite the flaws and ugly secrets.
     Flaws which are not just setbacks, acts as a guide for self understanding. These, help's one develop in a society where the past is a bedrock in defining the future. We live in a society where pleasing other's and displeasing oneself is regarded as the best step one can take. Hell NO, to that idea. Its high time we left that mentality and strive for the best.
      Believing in one's being and passion creates a way of finding joy, love and peace within. But all the same trust and believe in God for a positive and better life ahead.
Great week ahead.

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