#Fisi Weekly Episode 1: Friends With Pretence

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Welcome to oluwafisayomi Adedoyin kabir's weekly event, lessons and happenings. Here there will be a lot to learn and gain and also it would be  real and based on facts.

Today's episode is titled "Friends With Pretence" this title was gotten based on how friends have treated me, let me
down and try to make me feel they are always there for me.

I've always had friends which are mostly guys and due to me being the shy type I have always had few female friends and maybe one or two very close female friends. I'v lost friends I love, friends I really care about maybe because I'm too scared too talk or I'm too shy to relate with them, I cant really say, but they have all just gone without looking back.

Sometimes I wonder, do they really care? The answer i can't really tell but one thing I know is most of them never really loved me.

Life in the university has made me seen life in a new dimension, i'v been trying to put more efforts in relating with friends and its kind of making sense but that doesn't mean I still don't have my ups and downs, I have tried also not too lose the ones I love again, the ones I care about and when my attitude of being unable to relate comes up and people think I'm proud and they also want to do away with me I try to make amends in one way or the other.

Though a lot of friends I have presently seem to be letting me down, they smile and laugh with me, they gist and talk with me and some might never even say the word "HI" till the end of the semester.

Based on my blog, they smile and hail but will never visit, some don't even know how it looks like, some have. never even made comments before and some will never encourage the only thing they say is the name "Flywaterz" doesn't makes sense, it doesn't even have a meaning, stop wasting your time and get better things to do.

By love and passion will never make me stop, blogging has become my hobby and the only thing I do is just smile look at their faces and say to myself in my mind Are these really friends? Or friends with pretence.
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