Exclusive: All About The New Ondo State Gen Sec Elect OAU chapter-- "OLU CROWN"

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The New Ondo State Gen Sec ELECT OAU chapter adekola itunuoluwa oluwasesan popularly known as Olu crown was recently interviewed by members of the flywaterz team after he came out victorious in the just concluded election.

Read below...

Flywaterz: Good morning sir, please can we know you?

Olu crown: Good morning, my name is adekola itunuoluwa oluwasesan popularly and politicaly known as 'Olu crown'

Flywaterz: So a lot of people have been trying to know how you came about your nick name olu crown. Can you please tell us how?

Olu Crown: My nick name people keep asking me how did you come about Olu Crown , actually I could remember vividly, when I was in jss1, One of my names is "Adeolu" so I got it from it.
Ade stands for crown and Olu still remains.

Flywaterz: what was the actual result of the election?

Olu Crown: I had 180 and my opponent had 44.

Flywaterz: what was the name of your  opponent

Olu Crown: I guess Ballam voice

Flywaterz: Now that you are the gen sec what are your plans and vision for the association?

Olu Crown: like I said I only have 4 manifesto, I have 4 items in my agenda and that is;
1- NAOSSITE Oriented Policy; As we all know, one of the functions of the Gen Sec is to keep proper records of the association that is why I said there will be proper documentation of records

2- Collective Responsibility; We all know that a tree can never make a forest so we need to work together, All the executive members need to work together to achieve a common goal. And that's the purpose of an association, an association is a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal. And when we talk about Bursary; I will make sure I work hand in hand with the president so the issue of bursary will be revived again and when I talk about birthdays, I will make sure I remember few by sending a text message to him or her.

When I talk about NAOSSITE Oriented Policy, it is highly sardonic that many people on this campus do not know the association exists. Why? Because they lack information and that is why I have come up with what I tagged "inside house". Inside House is a social media connecting all members of the association whereby they can come together, share their opinions and discuss on social media.

3- Public view; this is going to be a list  pasted in each hostel whereby members of the association can go there pen down their names and other informations about themselves.
I will make sure I set up a committee that will go there, check and compile all the names and then we will get back to them.

4- Transparency: I will make sure I'm transparent and accountable for whatever I do, I promise not to be sentimental or biased in my interaction with all members of the association but rather promote cordial relationship which will bring development to the association.

Flywaterz: Before you contested for the post of Gen Sec, have you been in any politcal position Before?

Olu Crown: Yes, in my department I'm one of the honourable parliamentarian I contested for the post last semester and I won.

Again In my department I contested for the post of the assistant general  Secretary but unfortunately i lost.

Flywaterz: We heard that you are a good writer and a good essayist, we would like to know what you write about?

Olu Crown: I do tell people my own writing is inspirational I don't just write anyhow when it comes I document. I write poems, I'm a poet and I sing too. I have a track titled the living ghost which basically talks about the politicians.

Flywaterz: Based on what we could see, we could see that you have a good fashion sense, where do u get your ideas from?

Olu Crown: I can't say I actually got it from somewhere I just came up with my own style of dressing and I'm a fan of fashion, I love fashion. Even in my secondary school I was named Mr Anglican because of my style of dressing.

Flywaterz: So what was the name of your secondary school?

Olu Crown: Anglican High School, Ibarra Abeokuta.

Flywaterz: So how old are you

Olu Crown: I can only tell you the month and the date...i was born on May 5th in the early 90s.

Flywaterz: So what's your department and level?

Olu Crown: I'm in the department of English, one and only department in OAU. We only have 2 departments in OAU, department of English and others. Even though I put in for Law and I'm a part one student.

Flywaterz: what is your perception of students who wanted to come in to law and subsequently found themselves in English. Generally they are referred to as wounded lawyers and now you are telling us that there are only 2 departments OAU and others, now assuming you were in Law, that means law would not be a department?

Olu Crown: Due to what you have just said one thing I'll like to say is that wherever you find yourself try to be grateful and try to defend the fact that you are in that particular place and that is why I'm defending and I'm proud to be in the department of English.

Flywaterz: We are almost getting to the end of the interview, so to your supporters and the people that voted for you what would you like to say to them?

Olu Crown: To those that voted for me I just want to say a very big thank you, I never expected such turn up, you all surprised me

Flywaterz: what is your advice to the people out there who are also contesting for one political position or the other?

Olu Crown: My advise to them is that they should be focused in whatever they do. When you  are focused and  determined you achieve whatever you want.

Flywaterz: So before we finally round up we will like to ask if you would love to become a writer on our blog?

Olu crown: Wow! It will be a great privilege to be part of you guys, no problem about that.

Flywaterz: thank you very much, it's nice meeting you we would love to have you around some other time.
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