Don't Blog Alone, Get A Team (#Teamwork Pays)


Hey friends, I'm back writing out my mind for you all, the title of this article might look weird but it's actually true.

Currently we have over millions of blogs online with different niches and what makes a blog stand out is teamwork and uniqueness.

Nowadays many bloggers blog all for
the money they don't have the drive, passion and dedication to maintain a blog and make it successful and after a month or two they give up.

To some like me blogging is currently our only source of income. And it didn't just come as you might be thinking right now.

I remember when I started blogging all alone, I had just little idea about it and based on greed for over a year I made nothing. But due to the passion I had for it I continued I began to meet people and link with other bloggers and guess What, no sooner than I expected I started achieving great height of success ranging from recognition and popularity to income earnings, traffick and guess what I owe this huge success to teamwork.

To many of my amazing readers reading this post I might currently be writing in an unconventional manner, if this post is not organized as it used to be please accept my utmost apologies.

You might be wondering how teamwork led to great improvements on my blog...well lemme give you some hints.

I was so happy I had a turn around from doing things alone to getting a team. Below are some of the things I got involved in that boosted the success of my blog.

1: I Connected With Great Bloggers: like i said before I didn't know the power of linking up with people until I Connected With Great Bloggers. I contacted some on Instagram, sent mails, and linked up with a couple of popular bloggers on campus.

2: I Joined blogging Groups on facebook & whatsapp: the fact is of you are willing to help your light can never be hidden. I joined a few of blogging groups this year and rendered help within my reach and guess what many now see me as an authority in my field.
Helping others will not only make you successful but also helps you garner the trust of other bloggers or webmasters.

3: I Made Comments On Other Interseting Blogs: I recently began to get few comments on my blog which keeps me happy, it's not like I expected a large number of comments all at once but based on logistics it was better than before.
Making comments on other blogs builds your community and makes you known.
Note: Don't just go to a blog and write two letter words, read the post and encourage the writer by sharing what you think and make him/her happy.

4: I Shared Interesting Articles On Social Media: I help other bloggers share the articles I find interesting on their blog on my social media accounts without expecting return but to my surprise these blogger to cognizance of my actions and held it in their leftt hands.
Bloggers like VINCENT NELSON AYOMITUNDE, C.E.O NELOC MEDIA(, ADEYEMO EMMANUEL C.E.O TELLYMOORE'S WORLD (  and others would help share my articles on their social media accounts just in appreciation. This is one great thing I can't overlook this year.

I simply decided to write this post after Esther Adeniyi ( inspired and motivated me to write this and encourage other bloggers and readers to indulge in making things happen as a team.

Also most especial to my OAU supporters & friends, to my readers FLYWATERZ would have been nothing without your contributions in form of comments, encouragments and more. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

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  1. I own though am still working on it and am planning on building a big team before we kick of

    Your article is nice and inspiring keep it up

    1. Thank you @Ngwube precious I really appreciate.

      I also checked your site...nice template, i hope it becomes not only One the best but THE BEST media IT blog people can ever visit.


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