5 Common Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Succeed


Oya my guys, it's now a common thing for every youth in Nigeria to have interest in creating a blog but the truth is it's all for the money.

I recently met with a friend on campus and we greeted each other and I introduced him to my site and he was
like "what do you gain from it sef" and i briefed him and immediately he told me to create a blog for him to.

I already knew it can't work, he didn't have a passion for blogging, it wasnt his way and after i did everything for him, i called him the next day and he said he is not more interested that he doesn't have the time.

That's one problem bloggers of nowadays have "Time". They don't know that blogging is not just as easy as they see it, particularly when you want to control a successful blog.

There is a considerable measure of data out there on the most proficient method to build up a well known blog, in any case, there isn't much data on what may make a blogger come up short. The following are a couple of normal reasons that causes disappointment for bloggers.

1. Anxiety
Being anxious is one of the major reasons why bloggers or an online specialist fail to succeed.

When you start a blog you don't expect to just succeed in the twinkle of an eye or get thousands of page readers in a day. Many want all these and so when they don't get it as fast as possible they become too anxious, they start  getting nervous and in the end they become afraid and wonder if they will ever succeed and so they end up giving up. But the truth is you just need to work harder Mingle with other bloggers, ask questions, Do a little research, checkout what's drifting, and before you know it you'll start succeeding and might even be in front of your predecessor.

2. False Impressions

The web is loaded with false impressions or misinterpretations. Some of these false notions relate to how to make quick money– don't succumb to them. They may even reveal to you that they will help tons of traffic within a week and help you get online advertisers, please don't listen to them they are just cheats. These plans regularly concentrate on specific specialties of blogging, so do you your exploration legitimately, so you don't succumb to one those hair brained plans.

You will hear many individuals online say things like, the specialty you are in is excessively costly or there is no degree – don't hear them out, don't give anybody a chance to misinform you. Stick to what really matters to you and do what you cherish, and before you know it you will become outstanding and successful.

One of the most ideal approaches to handle apathy is set a timetable or a due date for yourself. Arrange out how you need the blog to go about in the advanced media space. Set an objective of what you need to expound on and how. These days, destinations like Wordpress likewise help set up arrangements for you, some are free and some are paid – whichever way both alternatives help propel you.

4. Loss Of Focus
To become successful you need to stay focused, many a times we loose focus of the important things we need to do, a prime case of how we figure out how to put the truck before the stallion.

When you lose concentration on blogging or offer significance to something else, you tend to go astray
 everything tends to go the other way round and you get frustrated just because you are most likely doing the exact opposite thing first or you are doing the primary thing last.

To become a successful blogger you need to stay focused write with passion and before you know it you will be seeing unbelievable results.

5 Lack of Investment: You see many bloggers today want every thing free of charge, but it's not so, investing in your business goes a long way in standing out from all others.

You have to spend before you can receive. You need to invest in tools that will help improve your niche, and make it unique, invest in other people's ideas, don't do it alone, Get get a team you can't always have time  to do what pleases you every time.
If you follow  these steps be sure that you are going far.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with this, the investment part especially. Except you are a public figure, you have to invest in some ways for traffic. You also have to invest to blog quality. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yes @Esther, only public figures or celebs don't really need to invest that much.

    thanks...much love


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