The New Campus Crush Of The Week 26/03/17--Ogunyemi Mary Olayemi

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It's here again! Our campus crush of the week is here and today we've brought you guys a beautiful princess from the (UNILORIN) University of ilorin.

Check her out below...

1. What's your full name?. Ogunyemi Mary Olayemi

2.what's the name of your school?  University of Ilorin.

3. What's your nickname?

4. How old are you? 18

5. what's your favourite colour? Blue

6. Department and level? Linguistics

7. Relationship status?

8. What is one thing you will never do
     again?  Putting much trust on a

9. If someone told you you could
    give one person a present and your
    budget was unlimited–what
    present would you get and for
    whom?  My Love and for my MUM.

10. which would you choose,
Unlimited love or money Unlimited Love

11. Best food? Eba and vegetable

12. Your hobbies?
       Listening to musics and reading

13. If you were to go into any
       entertainment profession which
       will it be? Dancing.

14. Best thing that has ever happened
       to you?My success in my
      educational sector

15. As a kid what  was your dream .
       profession? LAWYER

16. What are you allergic to?
     Too much artificial Air

17. Your favourite Nigerian artiste?
        Davido and Olamide

18. Who is your favorite celebrity
        crush? Davido

19. To you, what do you think is more
        important in a relationship. Love,
       money, trust and sex?
        Love and Trust.

20. What is one thing you think we
     should change about this blog?
     For me, the blog is okay

21. Do you like wearing makeups?
       Not really

22. What was your greatest television show of all time? One Bad Apple(super story)

23. if you were to pick one which of these would you rather pick, Ankara or English? English

24. would you ever encourage friends to read our blog?Of course I will.

25. if yes or no, why? Coz it's educative nd informative.

26. what would u like to say to the people reading this? NIL

27. Facebook name, twitter handle and  phone no?. FB: Ogunyemi Olayemi.
PH. NO: 07031106169

See more of her beautiful pictures below...

And that's it, tell us what you think about her in the comment section  below.

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