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When we first came together, 
We were jolly fellows. 
Welcoming one another with laughter. 
Remember we don't know each other from Adam. 
We have been brought together by the e-portal and bed space sellers
But we take to one another like brothers in a reunion.

Like young couples, we begin to despise one another. 
One is an highly talented artist but he leaves his tools all over the room. 
Another is a great singer but he never shuts his mouth. 

There is this pastor but he's as stingy as anything God made stingy and he never stops playing those audio messages. 
I feel like killing him everyday.
The party freak's friends are too noisy. 
There is this really pretty boy and I Think he is gay. 

There is a great cook but he is a priest (he burns every thing he cooks). 
My extremely annoying bunkee won't stop talking about all the girls he has conquered.
I really want to smash his head with an old coke bottle.

Dear readers, I have to stop now 
Some thing is burning and someone has taken my bucket 

I will break pretty boy's legs if he's with it again.
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