He Only Did A One Week Development Course: Havard Replies Sen.Dino Melaye's Talks

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Harvard has reacted to guarantee by Senator Dino Melaye that he has a degree from the university. 

The Senator is at present confronting an outrage after it was accounted for that he
didn't move on from the Ahmadu Bello University as he guaranteed. 
Senate person Ali Ndume had raised a state of request requesting that the Senate test the charge that Melaye did not move on from ABU has asserted. 

Accordingly, Melaye had lashed out at the Senator saying did he move on from Abu as well as has a degree from Harvard. 

He had stated: "I am here to react to the issue raised by the Boko Haram suspect (and) representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Ali Ndume. 
I need to state, to me, it is an appreciated improvement. Majority rule government is about examination and no congressperson is above examination. To me, it is an appreciated improvement and it will at long last dispel any confusion air on all the malignant and malevolent affirmations.
“To say that I did not graduate from ABU is to say that I am not a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ABU is a very prestigious university in this country and it is not possible for one to be running a master’s programme in the university when one did not graduate from a university. I have successfully completed one and I am doing the second one.

“I want to announce that this is the eighth degree that I am pursuing. I am also a graduate of University of Abuja, where I did Masters in Policy Analysis. I am a graduate of London School of Economics and Political Science. I am also a graduate of Harvard University. The course I am pursuing now will make it my eighth degree.”
According to Sahar Reporters, Melaye did not get a degree from Harvard but only did a one-week development court in 2016.
"Contrary to claims by @dino_melaye that he acquired academic degree at @Harvard the university said there was nothing like that
"@Harvard's Kennedy School Executive Education said @dino_melaye only attended a professional dev course that lasted 1 week in 2016."
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