Ban Butchers From Selling Exposed Meat -- Ecologists

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Aremu, the Director-General, Advocacy for Environmental and Sanitation Integrity, a NGO, decided on Tuesday in Abuja.

He depicted the wanton uncovering of meat as "unhygienic and hazardous to human wellbeing.

In his words below, he said...

"The lawmaking body at all levels ought to establish a law to boycott this propensity and rebuff butchers or meat merchants who uncover meat on the streets and in business sectors,'' he said.

The biologist said that presentation of meat regularly pulled in flies, vectors of sicknesses, including that the uncovered meat was, accordingly, unwholesome and not fit for human utilization.

Aremu asked pertinent experts to send veterinary officers and wellbeing laborers to abattoirs to guarantee that the set guidelines for animal butchering and processing were entirely clung to.
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