Are Birthdays The Greatest Days?

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An unforgettable day, an unforgettable journey, we all were once in a journey to life right in our mothers womb we kicked and kicked we moved and
moved until we got to our final destination on that awesome day our mothers began to shout they began to push some cried some died but that awesome day our birthday was a day of joy people laughed and smiled we all cried on that beautiful day our birth day.

Now we've grown and we've stopped groaning that awesome day is now a day we all celebrate that day we cried, some of you reading this refused to cry but were giving a small pat at the back just to cry.

Now we all smile and celebrate that day with cakes and drinks, some even throw parties and enjoy themselves to the fullest. But in the end we never remember to thank that amazing mother who brought us to the world on that awesome day.

To all mothers, thanks for bringing us to the world, that day might be one of the greatest days in your life and as we continue to celebrate it we hope you will continue to be as happy as ever.

Written by Adedoyin Fisayo kabir, an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University.
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