An Ode To The Unloved

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My well rendered vessel full of numerous needs made potent with eyes of longing and expectations - instead, spurned and tussled and pierced asunder by arrows tipped with the bitterest gall of my brethren fetid with the funk of hate immemorial. At once my hopeful eyes thereof were beaten and I searched the earth in an attempt to hide my tears - my bent back was shown to them unattractively like a surrendering Wolf.

Figures, ashite figures of uncommon mayhem was embellished in my mien, from yonder came a burden and it's leader was my ride.

I whose hair has been discolored by half truths, lies and vain hearsays toppled with evil eyes that were destined to wither my ears so that at the beginning of my manhood my lifespan was reduced both physically and mentally. 

I, who is no better than 'passed' wind from the unclean anus of drunks, a rather macabre bowl fit for community spittoon.

The decrepit vissicitudes of puerile living, rags adorning my skeleton of a body. Nature suddenly gave me painful boots, nocturnals become my brethren. Always I am overpowered with heat stroke and empty plates. My belly sings my name.

I am the dunce, the idiot and the vigilante left with no weapon in an ominous right, I am the handsome Samson without my eyes but I have no remembrance of a woman's caress, the average monkey in a family of gorillas. Oh by Jove, the very never ending dregs of the universe.

  An ode to make my teeth counted.

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