#OAU: Secretary General Contestant "Ray" Releases Congratulatory Message To Winners After His Loss

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Olateju Oluwasegun Ray, Popularly and politically known as ray released a congratulatory message to all the wiiners of the Just concluded election thanking and wishing them success in their new positions.

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Congratulations to the voters. We lost not but learnt our lessons; those lessons would be forever useful.

The result for the position he contested for



EPORTAH - 1456

FYNESTBOI - 2469 (Winner)

RAY - 2019

My sincere appreciation goes to all that participated in # OAUDECIDES_17 . To those that bought my vision from the onset and stood with me till the end of the election and now, I say thank you all! You are my strength. To those that declined along the line, thank you all! You boosted my confidence as my conviction was never tested. To those that joined the train, you made us stronger.

Special thanks to the church of God, Cherubim and Seraphim Church Campus Fellowship (Covenant Family) - we are great minds. Colleagues in the premier School of Pharmacy, family and friends, Federation of Ogbomoso Students’ Union (FOGSU), OAU Chapter, thank you all. To my people in ‘du world’, blood is thicker than water, thanks for your love, together shall we promote our cultural heritage - unity in diversity is our watchword. To those organizations and people whose name are not mentioned, pardon me; within my heart I appreciate you all.

Congratulations to you, FYNESTBOI, I wish you a successful administration. Your vision is now ours for the progress of our Union. Together we can! E-PORTAH, you are a brother, the future is near for us to restructure the ‘Pacesetter’ state. BERNARD-P, I love your spirit. Thank you all for making the race healthy.

To all contestants, you are great.
Congratulations to the winners. Try to harmonize your interest, set differences apart and let’s take our Union above the Everest. Our Union will be great again.
Great Ife Students! I am charging you with the words of Robert Greene that, “leaders would fail from the day they lose the support from their people”. Against all odds let’s support our leaders as no man is perfect. Believe me! It's so hard to find the perfect breeze, it's so hard to find the perfect sky, it's so hard to find the perfect nights, so it’s so hard to find a perfect leader.

Team RAY! Thank you all – you are my strength. Better days ahead! RAY of hope will shine. As the workers of the world, we shall never lose our chains. Together we can!
Olateju Oluwasegun Elisha
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