I Want Mosques Converted To Primary Schools — Emir Sanusi

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The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, has approached governors of northern states to change over mosques to elementary schools, particularly in the towns. The emir
decided in his comments at an occasion in the Kano Educational Week program.

"I was in Morocco now and again back and I made a request to see their colleges. They took me to mosques where I saw every filling in as classrooms showing Computer Science and different subjects," he said.

Mr. Sanusi said mosques were not at first implied for petitions alone. He said generally, mosques were additionally utilized for different things like relational unions, academic exercises and administration trainings.

He encouraged the northern state governors who have numerous mosques to come back to the practice in order to spare cash for different needs. The Emir said if the thought was embraced, reserves apportioned to building schools could be directed to preparing of educators and accommodating their welfare and other instructing instruments.
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