Hustle With Determination — Success Is Near You Just Have To Do It

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Sometimes i wonder, how people just make it in a twinkle of an eye but all i could see is hardwork and determination.
Success doesnt just come like pure water sachet it takes time and how much effort
you put reduces the time for success.

My friends can't believe I'm writing this even I can't believe what's going on. All I know is once again I have started to pour out my heart in bits.

I've passed through some shits and now i know, you need to Learn life lessons before you rush. No one believes in you anymore when you lack
The world is changing, full of hustling, only the smart prevail.

Write down your goals in a book as they come, Prepare to achieve those goals like you are preparing for an exam. Don't come a little further just to come further, design your own life not a life that someone thought would be best for you.

When you meet people you see new things, though its good to read but you can't learn all in a textbook

While on this little break I noticed that hustle beats talent when talent refuses to hustle. My goal is to build a life that makes people wonder that makes me a role model.

I've gotten the cost of my ambition and I will always push further, there is a saying "show me your friends and I 'll tell you your future" most of the cost of my ambitions might be costly but a few of them would I say..late nights and early mornings, lots of associate and few friends .

Joe Duncan once presents us with challenges so that we can grow and move towards our life purpose and true destiny.

You might be a facing a lot of challenges but just remember while trying to tackle those challenges, they are meant to make you grow stronger and take you to greater heights.

There are some few things I would like to share with you guys its just 5 things I"ve decided to quit right now which I also want you to do.

1. Trying to please Everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Looking down at yourself
4. Over thinking
5. Living in the past

I believe execution is everything and the things that excite me are not random. What excites us as humans are connected to our purpose I have started following mine I hope you do.

Before I go I would like to say my closing words.

#keep hustling.


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