Finally! Federal Government Responds To 2face-Proposed Planned Nationwide Potest

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 The administration has responded to the February fifth proposed Nationwide challenge which 2face Idibia and different famous people have turned out to bolster.

Talking in a meeting in Lagos, President
Buhari's Media Assistant, Femi Adesina, stated:

"This is a nation of around 180 million individuals. It is unthinkable for 180 million individuals to think a similar way. Yoruba has a platitude that on the off chance that all of you rest and put your head in a similar bearing, then you are all absurd since you would take in each other's mouth and lungs.

Keep in mind the last decision and how it went. Someone scored 12.5 million votes, another scored around 15 million votes. There are a few people who are still in that race mode. They have not received in return and till today, they are as yet living and "rheumatisizing" about the past. What they don't know is that that past is gone and gone until the end of time.

Larger part of those requiring the challenge are still in race mode. Larger part of them are individuals that have settled not to see anything great in this organization essentially on the grounds that the man they needed lost at the surveys."
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