Big Catastrophe! S.A Pastor Kills 5, 13 Hospitalised After Giving Church Members ‘Annointed’ Rat Poison to Drink (Photos)

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Catastrophe has occurred for some congregation individuals in South Africa after their minister urged them to drink "annointed" rat poison.

Pastor Light Monyeki made his
congregation individuals drink "blessed" rat poison which supposedly had led to the demise of five church members.

The minister attempted to demonstrate to his individuals that they were sub-human and couldn't bite the dust from drinking the deadly measurements of rodent toxic substance that he had 'blessed', well, he was demonstrated amiss with the passing of 5 of his individuals.

After his individuals drank the noxious fluid, every one of them began to grumble of stomach torments by the night of that day.

13 of them were taking to the hospital for treatment while 5 of them passed on.

Monyeki has prevented duty from securing the passing of the 5 individuals.

Police are accounted for to have taken up the matter.
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