10 Reasons Why 2face Is Leading A Protest Against The Federal government

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I am only a performer with a perspective and the ear of my fans.

A large number of Nigerians will join 2face Idibia at 8am on Monday, February 6 at the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos to walk against terrible government in Nigeria.

This walk is about requesting that all
saboteurs of good government arrangements to hands off and furthermore urge positive disapproved of Nigerians to keep on working without terrorizing.

These are 10 noteworthy reasons why 2face alongside his accomplices, associates and fans will walk against the Nigerian government:

1) Security

As per the Constitution, 'the security and welfare of the general population should be the main role of government.'

2) Education

To create past oil, we need to put resources into our human capital. Each kid must have entry to quality training. On the off chance that our instructors are not paid, in what capacity will we raise the cutting edge to lead the nation and maintain our organizations?

3) Health

Wellbeing is riches. Individuals kick the bucket day by day from absence of essential, moderate medicinal services. We can improve.

4) Power

Government needs to make it simpler to create control at the state and nearby government level so everything is not attached to the inside. We require power to be profitable. The cost of creating our own energy is devastating.

5) Unemployment

Poor instruction in addition to a battling economy implies many individuals are unemployed. Unemployed individuals are ravenous and irate.

6) High typical cost for basic items

Nourishment, transportation, drug, everything is three circumstances, four circumstances more costly however our compensations haven't expanded. What do we do???

7) Social Justice

As per the Constitution, 'The Federal Republic of Nigeria should be a State in view of the standards of popular government and social equity.'

There can't be one arrangement of guidelines for poor people and another set for the rich.

8) Transparency

The most ideal approach to murder defilement is to build straightforwardness. Government funds and contracts must be open and accessible to all. Who got the cash, to do what and by when?

9) Cost of government

Our administration is TOO costly – government, state, neighborhood – autos, lodging, recompenses. We should diminish the cost of keeping up our open authorities

10) Patriotism

I remain with Nigeria. There is sufficient in Nigeria for every one of us to 'slash belleful'. Nothing more will be tolerated. We should put Nigeria first and keep all the covetous and egotistical individuals far from initiative.

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