Woman Gets Caught While Attempting To Smuggle Boyfriend Out Of Prison In Suitcase (Photos)

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The escape attempt occurred in the Jose Antonio Anzoategui jail, otherwise called Puente Ayala, situated in the condition of Anzoategui, in north-eastern Venezuela.Antonieta Robles Saouda, 25, went to the correctional facility with a six-year-old young lady to visit Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia, who is
serving nine years and eight months subsequent to being sentenced for auto burglary.

She came in conveying a pink bag however the securities' doubts became more high when she experienced issues moving it in transit out.

On nearer review, they found an exceptionally confined Vargas crouched inside.

Despite the fact that a little and thin man, Vargas has apparently played out a deed of extreme flexibility to pack himself into the little space, as pictures discharged by the correctional facility appear.

The fresh out of the box new looking pink bag is expansive however no bigger than those more often than not observed at airplane terminals, and Saouda had even packed in some additional material, maybe to mellow the blueprint of Vargas' shape.

The couple were both captured and the man was sent back to his cell.

The young lady was placed in the impermanent care of Social Services.
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