Why I Married Two Women At Once On New Year Eve: Nigerian Man

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Nassarawa man, Isyaka Dahiru, who wedded two spouses around the same time has talked, saying he adores them both with equivalent degree, and that some conjugal issues he had with his ex
provoked his choice. 

Addressing Daily Nigerian on Sunday, Mr. Dahiru additionally said he took the choice on account of the affection they indicated him. 

"I have been dating one of the spouses, Rashida, since before I separated my first wife. My life desire was to wed just two spouses. In any case, after the separation, I met Khadija at my working environment and I experienced passionate feelings for her. 

There is great comprehension among us. They call themselves sisters, eat together in a similar plate. They are quite recently sisters. 

I adore them both with equivalent degree. They indicated me profound love and care as well. They have all that I require in a lady. So I couldn't avoid wedding them both at once" he included. 

Inquired as to whether he would take another combine in future, Mr. Dahiru basically answered he couldn't anticipate what's to come.

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