See Zimbabwean Pastor Who Offers Blessed Umbrellas For N5000 Each?

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A few believers at Goodness and Mercy Ministries in Zimbabwe, as of late needed to part with US$10 (session N5000) each to purchase what were named blessed umbrellas.

The umbrellas, the congregation
pioneer Prophet Freddy stated, had divine forces to shield proprietors from lightning strikes and tempests amid this stormy season.

The umbrellas were additionally said to be able to shield attendees from fiendishness spirits.

"God trained me to appeal to God for these umbrellas and there will be no individual from this congregation who will purchase the umbrella and get struck by lightning or will be tormented by devils.

"2017 is a time of overwhelming and this year we should surpass in the event that you have confidence, God will utilize these umbrellas to perform supernatural occurrences, signs and ponders," said prophet Freddy.

H-Metro reports there were noisy cheers and ululations from the adherents who then ran to the sacred place to purchase the umbrellas.

As gatherers rushed for the umbrellas, some got harmed as they were attempting to get hold of the main umbrella that the congregation pioneer Prophet Freddy had offered for nothing to his devotees.

One of the women who was a piece of the fight, said she was harmed as she attempted to get the umbrella.

"I was pushed by another lady who likewise needed the umbrella and I separated my arm however I don't lament what happened to me and I trust I will be mended since I was harmed in the place of God.

"I was not accomplishing something incorrectly to anybody so I know these wounds will happen," she said.
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