Nigeria Will Split, Atiku Will Dethrone Buhari, Aregbesola Is In Trouble: Prophet Olagunju's 2017 Prophecies

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The managing Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries in Ibadan, Oyo state, Prophet Wale Olagunju who precisely anticipated President Muhammadu Buhari's triumph in the
2015 decision, has uncovered that President Buhari will be deposed in 2019 race by previous VP, Atiku Abubakar.

The following are his predictions for Nigeria in 2017:

1. As uncovered by the Almighty God who will never impart his transcendence to mortal man, the present era of Nigerian pioneers in any semblance of Obasanjo, Babangida, Gowon, Danjuma, Abdusallam and Buhari will pass away before the rise of the Messiah that will lead Nigeria to the promise land. The issue in our Nation will be so much that what we are seeing now will be a youngster play to what we will see and hear and there will be disarray and doubt everywhere throughout the country therefore of which the savior will rise.

This savior, an obscure individual, will proffer arrangements (to the issues); lead submission and will break Nigeria gently. As uncovered to me assist by the maker of the universe, the rule of this savior will be brief. Lord of Abraham has finished up in paradise to raise for Himself the young fellow who will give divine arrangement and execute God's program for Nigeria.

2. There will be not kidding battle amongst Obasanjo and Buhari as uncovered by God Almighty.

3. Striking chieftains of the APC and the PDP who are discussing 2019 without due reference to God won't live to witness that year.

4. There will be rambunctious session in the National Assembly in the coming year.

5. The present war against Bola Tinubu will proceed yet a considerable lot of those battling him will return to rescind everything that was said.

6. God again uncovered to me that Nigeria is genuinely wiped out and that the main medication that can cure her is National Repentance Prayer. Inability to do this, God says Nigeria will keep on wallowing in issues. God cautioned Nigerians not to admire their pioneers for arrangements yet to God Almighty as they have none to their issues.

7. Divine force of paradise says He is furious with President Buhari in light of his inability to reduce the sufferings of Nigerians yet rather adding to it. God says Buhari's administration resembles a weed on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

8. God says the individuals who think the PDP is dead are committing an error as He [God] does not work in the direction of men but rather in the thinking of His words. God says the gathering will ricochet back and its individuals in the APC will come back to their unique house.

9. The present uproar in the APC will proceed.

10. The Nigerian country will keep on experiencing hardship unless genuine strides are taken to look for the substance of God.

11. Nigerians ought to petition God for Buhari against hypertension, liver and kidney issue as the President is wiped out.

12. God says that He purposely raised Donald Trump of America to execute His judgment on America for their wrongdoing of homosexuality being engendered by Obama/Hillary Clinton. God says Trump will at a phase act like a hostile to Christ.

13. God says the Yoruba country will join together and rise once more.

14. There will be sharp misjudging amongst Buhari and Osinbajo therefore of political contrasts.

15. God says any gathering that fields Buhari for the 2019 presidential decision will handle risk as his bid will make the gathering lose the race. God says this will be so on the grounds that Buhari has frustrated God by his inability to complete His direction as distributed in my 2016 forecasts by national dailies to "take up arms against debasement, execute God's furious judgment on the individuals who trespassed against God by plundering and also for his inability to show love to the poor by easing their misery. God says thus, He has torn his legislature and offered it to another man after His heart to manage Nigeria. God says Buhari will keep on having issue till his last day in Aso Rock and individuals will keep on hating him due to his inability to run with the dread of God.

16. To demonstrate the degree to which Buhari's mistake is lamenting God, God says he has rejected Buhari quite recently as He did to Jonathan and even his kin the Hausas will dismiss him come 2019. Within the sight of Almighty God as uncovered to me, Buhari have turned into a total disillusioning lord/disappointment simply like ruler Saul in the book of scriptures.

17. God says the name Atiku Abubakar will keep on ringing like a ringer. He will be so prominent among Nigerian government officials to the degree that many will pull for him.

18. God says ought to Atiku Abubakar challenge the 2019 race, he will crush Buhari no doubt.

19. The 2018 Governorship race in Ekiti state will bring about a sharp division in the APC camp as a result of the excessive desire of some of their conceited pioneers. The gathering in the state will break into three groups as uncovered to me by God.

20. God says the APC is being confronted by three noteworthy issues of conniving, pointless request of against previous pioneers and aggregate seize of the gathering structure from pioneer individuals.

21. Tambuwal and David Mark will be drafted to challenge the 2019 Presidential decision however God says the plot of our country will lean toward Governor Tambuwal of Sokoto state.

22. Nigerians ought to implore against flame mischance in the coming year.

23. God says that aside from that the Nigeria country apologize of the transgression of its pioneers who slaughtered honest souls, sin of FESTAC '77 and sin of defilement which put the nation under the scourge of the Almighty, the nation's issue will proceed.

24. Prophet T. B. Joshua ought to supplicate genuinely to turn away infection.

25. General T. Y. Danjuma ought to likewise supplicate against infection.

26. God says I. B. B. will keep on remaining in infection.

27. God says for Buhari to have taken the issue of Nigeria to Kaaba in Mecca as though there is no God in Nigeria and instead of spur the whole country to quick and look for the substance of God, He [God] will keep on raising enemies against his legislature and Nigerians will keep on hating him.

28. God again cautioned that ought to the APC field Buhari in 2019, the sweeper will be broken and tossed into flame simply like I anticipated to PDP in 2014.

29. God Almighty says President Buhari is excessively unbending and resolute. God says the President has put aside His order for him to rinse the country of defilement. God says He is just giving the President the elegance to inspire Nigerians for uncommon atonement petition.

30. Serving clergymen in Buhari's legislature ought to watch their means as the President is set to drop some of them and reshuffle his administration.

31. God says Governor Aregbesola of Osun state will keep on swimming in issues until he escapes office subsequently of the acknowledgment he provided for the Osun Osogbo symbol.

32. God says he will dispense the individuals who plunder Nigeria treasury with infection. They will from this time forward be perpetrated with feared afflictions that will prompt to unfavorable passing unless they apologize.

33. God says Goodluck Jonathan will never win any decision again in Nigeria thus of his wrongdoing against the Almighty.

34. God says 2019 decision will be harder than the 2015.

35. The official and the National Assembly will go on a genuine impact course in the coming year. Buhari ought to be cautious keeping in mind that he is blamed for non-usage of spending plan.

36. Nigerians ought to appeal to God for Awujale of Ijebu land.

37. The individuals who say the Biafra country won't appear are envisioning for the Igbos have taken their case to the maker of the universe and He has allowed their heart crave.

38. PDP will bob back to end up distinctly an imposing gathering in Oyo state once more.

39. Buhari ought to watch his means to maintain a strategic distance from indictment.

40. As uncovered by God, ought to Buhari neglect to relax with the general population of the South-South and South-East and proceed to utilize military power, Nigeria may go to common war.

41. As uncovered by God, another era of military officers will in future oust the administration of Nigeria to clear the decay executed by careless legislators.

42. Before 2019, there will be amalgamation of political heavyweight and political gathering that will give the APC restless evenings.

43. The on-going war against debasement will soon lose esteem as the President will twist the tenets and delicate pedal due to unnecessary and self-intrigue.

44. A noticeable artiste will fall wiped out in the coming year.

45. Nigerians ought to appeal to God for Baba Sala.

46. Come 2019 general decision, PDP will battle the APC to a stop.

47. APC ought to disregard winning 2019 decision for another administration will rise that will test their legislature.

48. Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode ought to be determined to abstain from being at loggerhead with the first class. He ought to likewise appeal to turn away infection.

49. Another solid gathering will rise before the 2019 race.

50. God Almighty who uncovered to me in my 2015/2016 expectation that Buhari is not the Messiah says the guaranteed Messiah will utilize his command to settle all issues defying Nigeria. The said Messiah will direct a submission in order to gently break Nigeria without common war.

51. God says three out of the four columns that are holding the APC have separated subsequently of their eagerness, unreasonable aspiration, persistence, partiality, tribal and religious notion and along these lines their days in government are numbered.

52. God uncovered to me and I saw the guide of Nigeria attacked five, by this no measure of peace talk can keep Nigeria's crumbling. It involves time.
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