Must Read: Indian Man Barbs Men's Hair With Fire (photos)

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Film from inside his salon demonstrates the nonconformist barber pouring a combustible powder and fluid over his client's head before holding a lighter up against his locks, which immediately get land.

While the client's head is still on fire, the barbr then takes two brushes, which he uses to trim and

style the hair into shape, while the
Fire keep on burning.

Reports say he's not the first in India to think of such a radical method for trimming hair.

In Gulbarga's Shahabad town, Dasharath of Raj Men's Parlor utilizes candles for hair styles.

He has been smoldering customers' hair with candles for as far back as six years, after he discovered the irregular style of barbing when the power one day went off in his salon and he considered utilizing light flares to barb hair.


Will you ever take a seat for this sort of hair cut, folks?
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