Kunle Seals Win As Microbiology Department Defeats Biochemistry In A Fun Filled Friendly Match

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Oh Yes! Yesterday was a fun filled match as the microbiology departmental team (MCB) defeated their neighbouring opposition the Bio
chemistry department (BCH).

The victorious M.C.B team played with a 4-2-3-1 formation as they were being oppressed by the 4-3-3 formation of the B.C.H team in the first half. The match ended goalless in the first 45 minutes after so much pressure by they B.C.H team to finding their first goal became futile.

The second half began with a change of players as the M.C.B brought in one of their key player "Deolu" who changed the game totally.

Just 10 minutes into the game, he gave a sublime pass to the scorer Oscar who placed his short perfectly into the bottom corner.

  After the first goal at the early minutes of the game they began to Dominate and pressurize their neighbouring opposition who couldn't find their rhythm.

Few minutes to the end of the game (90+) another unbelievable goal entered by "Mr kunle" who sealed the game totally and ended the B.C.H team hopes of getting a draw.

The fun filled friendly match ended 2-nil as the team exchanged pleasantries.

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