Just In: Women Complain Over Hike In Prices Of Sanitary Pads

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A sanitary pad is a spongy thing worn by a lady while she is menstruating or in whatever other circumstance where it is important to retain a stream of blood from
the v*gina.

Ladies have kept on raising worry over the pace of increment in the cost of Sanitary pads, particularly in Nigeria.

As indicated by discoveries, the Always Ultra which offers for N250 now goes for 400.

From discoveries, hike in costs of clean towels might be associated with late swelling in costs of wares and the dollar-naira emergency in the nation.

The least expensive pad, DIVA now goes for 230 naira at the market as against the underlying cost of 180 naira.

The sudden hike, specialists accepted may influence individual cleanliness of young ladies and poor ladies most particularly in the provincial territories who will most likely be unable to manage the cost of these sterile towels.

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