Just In: Bishop David Oyedepo Invokes Curses On Those Powering Southern Kaduna killings

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Bishop David Oyedepo has summoned God's condemnations on those powering Southern Kaduna killings, saying God ought to separate Nigeria now in the event that it is His will.

The Bishop who, amid a ministration keeping in mind pouring down
condemnations on those advancing the wanton killings, similarly said that God sent him to this mainland as His missionary of freedom to prevent it from debauchery. "God sent me as His missionary of freedom to this mainland to prevent it from debauchery." "I got notification from God and He has demonstrated it incalculable. In this manner, each occultic root, each political foundation of this uprising is reviled today!" The assemblage yelled "So be it!" .


. . "All the northern strengths that are supporting this uprising and killings, i proclaim the scourge of God upon them." Congregation yelled "So be it!" Speaks in tongues. Proceeding with, he stated, " Lord, on the off chance that it is your will to separate Nigeria, break it now!" Speaks in tongues once more. .


To his individuals, he stated, "Go ahead, implore in the soul everyone. Supplicate in the soul, call down the Holy Ghost fire to plunge on the camp of the enemy. Nothing more will be tolerated!" Speaks in tongues once more. "In the event that Nigeria awakens, sit tight for the congregation to rise. There will be no more country, what garbage." "What wicked fallen angels. What Islamic devils. On the off chance that Nigeria sits tight for the congregation to rise, Nigeria will vanish as a country." Speaks in tongue.

. "You mean God can't secure individuals? What a wreck!" "Each specialist of annihilation in Government today, call fire down on their head, call fire down on their head." "Everybody supporting underhandedness against the country, let your fire fall on him!" "A Boko Haram operator was caught and they said he got away. Everybody associated with his escape, fire expend them, devour them, expend them!" To his assembly, he stated, "Simply ahead and implore." Prays in tongue.
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