"P.R.Oship is a calling" O.A.U. Students' Union P.R.O aspirant (O'Zik) declares.

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In this exclusive interview with Omole Isaac (O'Zik), we are exposed
to the drive of a man, the thirst for revolution and matters to be


1. Can we meet you sir?
O'Zik: My name is Omole Isaac Adeonipekun (popularly known as O'Zik).
I am a 400 Level student of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo

2. Are you related to Professor Bamitale Omole, the former Vice Chancellor?
O'Zik: I am not in any way related to him. I hail from Ilesha in Osun
State while the former V.C hails from Ekiti State. Different families
bear the name Omole and it does not signify relations.

3. How did you coin your nickname- O'Zik?
O'Zik: The "O" comes from Omole while "Zik" is derived from the
production of the second syllable in "Isaac". It also relates to the
Nnamdi Azikiwe movement and ideology.

4. The news have it that you are a candidate for the position of the
P.R.O of the OAU Student's Union. What are your Visions and goals?
O'Zik: The idea of PROjecting the Union beyond the frontiers of this
university is our vision. It is in line with the constitutional roles
of the Public Relations Officer.

5. What political experience of yours advised your contest for this position?
O'Zik: I have served in position of P.R.O with the Association of
Campus Journalists (ACJ), O.A.U Chapter and currently as the P.R.O of
the National Association of Nigerian Campus Editors (NANCE). I am also
a freelance journalist for a number of media houses.

6. The position of P.R.O is recurrent in your biography. Why did you
not consider other options?
O'Zik: I believe P.R.Oship is a caliing. Having performed as P.R.O in
several bodies, I believe my experience should be employed in the
Union for better results.

7. Why should we vote for you?
The state of our union needs a repositioning and as touching public
affairs, the management of history will not forgive us if we leave it
as it is. I promise the management of information in right quarters as
information remains power and life.

8. What would you like to say to people reading this interview?
The age long rule of those who need should go to those who have has
brought me to the limelight. O'Zik needs these votes to PROject
Revolutions in our Union and you have them. Hold me to my promise of a PROJECTED REVOLUTION in OUR UNION at the end of my tenure. Let me now leave you with the words of Edmund Burke where he says "All that is
necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Let us
not sit and watch our Union go wrong. Let's think a PROjected Union by Thinking O'Zik.
And that's it! We want to say a big thank you to our amazing readers, we believe you enjoyed the interview and we hope to see more of you as we promise to bring you more exclusive interviews.

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