I'm Obsessed About Your Brother - Laura Ikeji tells Kanu Nwankwo

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In the wake of spouting about her significant other, Ogbonna Kanu prior today, the recently marry youthful lady of the hour, Laura Ikeji likewise presented this message on Kanu
Nwankwo, the prepare's senior sibling.

Kanu Nwankwo was so happy and joyous, danced more than Boo and I did. You can see his happiness came from within. He was my motivation that day because he kept on going and asked us to enjoy every moment. Even when the crowd became overwhelming he didn't stop having fun. Wow. He was more than amazing. Thank u x10000. @kingkanu4 I love ur brother. In fact I'm obsessed with him, lol, I'll try to be the best wife to him. LIK
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