Why Married Couples Can Watch Blue Movies Frequently: Sex Therapist 'Tola Jayi'

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Mrs Ajayi

While talking in an exclusive interviewwith Daily Sun at her Ikoyi office in Lagos, Nigerian s*x, therapist and relationship guide, Tola Ajayi, who is the spouse of Dr. Abayomi Ajayi of Nordica Fertility Center, gave a
knowledge on what a s*x specialist does, formulas for good sexual life and parts more.

The following are erxcepts from the exclusive interview:

To what extent have you been a s*x advisor? 

S*x treatment has dependably been something I have been doing even without preparing. For quite a while, I conversed with individuals a considerable measure about connections, sex and ripeness. The s*x thing came up, in light of the fact that when you direct individuals on fruitfulness it is highly unlikely sex would not come up. I began the preparation around 7 or 8 years prior on and off and went for some preparation at Budapest in Europe a year ago. Additionally, I was prepared in various parts of directing and that is the thing that I've been accomplishing for a few years now.

What's a decent s*x life like; does situating have anything to do with it? 

When you investigate, when you attempt to search for reasons why a couple is loathing s*x with each other, it will help the specialist to know how to go about it. Situating is a piece of it. We simply have a generalization of how sex ought to be between couples particularly as Nigerian men are not all that sentimental.

They simply need to have intercourse since they are moved by what they see. That is the reason you may see a man remaining behind a lady and having an erection, despite the fact that he has not met the lady some time recently. It's not so with the lady. Situating is letting them know how to flavor up their sexual coexistence to such an extent that it's not generally pretty much the preacher position. A couple can attempt different positions agreeable for both. You can do it in the kitchen on the off chance that you like and it will intrigue. A couple ought to let each know other, "I need you to touch me here" as we as a whole have dreams however we from time to time express them. That is the reason men go out to have lady friends who are prepared to give them "what they need" and the man will return home, simply hack and clean mouth.

A few ladies are horrendous as well. I'm a lady moreover. Your significant other may state "let us do it in the kitchen" and they'll say "God restrict, you are a delinquent" since he needs it in the kitchen. The man will go out and do it in the restroom of another person and if the lady out there has her own particular separate kitchen, he will do it there. Do it anyplace, in any case insofar as it's advantageous for both of you. It doesn't need to be on the bed, it can be on the floor, anyplace. You can tell your better half perhaps amid his lunchtime there's something you need to show him and you are there stripped and you do a fast in and out before he does a reversal to work. That is the way it should be.

I let you know, a vast rate of men need this yet they can't state it to their spouses on account of the way she would respond. They'd rather do it with the other lady who does not have anything to lose. On the off chance that the lady at home could do that, the man most likely would not go out. A few men's life partners may even be more appealing than the other lady, yet that implies little to them in the event that they can't satisfy their dreams with their life partners.

Would you be able to review any noteworthy cases among your customers?

I have a ton yet they have diverse difficulties. Among them is a couple who has had around 16 IVF medications both locally and abroad and after the sixteenth endeavor the lady now has an arrangement of twins. After the principal set of twins, inside a year, she did another treatment and had a moment set of twins however the 16 endeavors were not done in Nordica alone. She had four with us. You take a gander at her circumstance and shout gracious, this is God at work. When I take a gander at the infants, I could remember them and recall what happened.

For example, a spouse came in and was not able create semen upon the arrival of treatment and that can execute anyone. Not that he had the test of erectile issues yet he just went into the semen room and was not able deliver semen for treatment. It turned into a major issue. I told the man, why not drink strong, perhaps you will have some sort of vitality.

The lady said "No my significant other doesn't drink strong". I educated her that it's not concerning drinking and the man went out, took a jug of forceful and he returned. He went into the semen room and returned and thumped at my entryway and he simply did thumbs up to me. The spouse got pregnant and had a child. There was a third man too who couldn't have an erection. I let him know we have movies he could watch and the spouse said "film"? No he can't do that". I repeated simply leave that one, go and watch a film and they did… .

What sort of film?

Blue movies. The man watched them with his better half and they could create triplets. There are loads of recollections.

Anyway, you prescribe blue movies? 

Yes, particularly when the man can't have erection. He needs something to empower him. Most circumstances, it's not as though they have issues with erection at home but since of the nervousness of producing in the center on treatment day notwithstanding for a test.

Be that as it may, Christianity and Islam lecture against obscenity, particularly places of worship. What's your thought on that?

Where is it written in the scriptures? One thing I have come to acknowledge is they over-spiritualize things. I don't prescribe heading off to a cinema to watch porn; these things are private and you can watch it in the solace of your room with your life partner. I just enlightened you concerning a couple that were not able deliver and they did only that. Why did the man have an erection viewing a porno? Whatever you need to do with your significant other or your better half to make your home lovely simply ahead and do it. Watch porno, it's not evil. Simply ensure you keep them far from the kids however. On the off chance that your better half is excited by a penis massage (blow job), do it.

You can read the full interview interview at daily sun's official website
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