Apostle Suleman Fires Branch Pastor Who Used His Church Name For MMM

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A minister in one of the Nigerian branches of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide has been ousted from the service.

As indicated by an announcement marked by Pastor David Apelorioye, the head of administrator at OFM, Pastor Joseph
Aiyedun, who is accountable for one the OFM branches in Aba, Abia State, was terminated for taking part in the Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM), a ponzi conspire broadly acclaimed to be an otherworldly wander.

It ought to be reviewed that the originator and president of the OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleman, at a congregation benefit in November 2016, cautioned individuals from his assembly against including in MMM, calling it 'satanic'.

The announcement from the congregation peruses along these lines; "The administration of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide is utilizing this medium to respond to a news making the rounds on the online networking in regards to one of his ministers who utilized the service's name to enroll for the MMM conspire. Commonly, the congregation would not have responded to the story in light of misrepresentations being distributed frequently by a few web journals and news sites whose validity are faulty. In any case, after an intensive examination by the congregation specialist, it was built up that one of our branch ministers in Aba, Pastor Joseph Aiyedun, without a doubt partook in the plan."

The announcement includes that the blundering minister was sacked after an intensive examination and it was found that he utilized the name of the congregation to enlist for MMM, in this way gouging the service's picture in the general population eye. It was accumulated that the failing minister would have quite recently been restrained in accordance with the congregation rules in the event that he had enlisted for the plan in his own ability but since he utilized the service's name for the plan, he was requested that go.

"The congregation expert chose to remove Pastor Aiyedun not on account of he enlisted for the ponzi conspire but rather in light of the fact that he included the service's name in the otherworldly experience. Also, we found that he could utilize the service's name since he had admittance to the record of his branch which itself is against the congregation's rules and a misrepresentation prone to have been done in intrigue with the branch's record division. We are as yet examining further to disentangle the entire exercises."

The announcement thusly advances to the overall population to neglect any news being passed around about Omega Fire Ministries including in the MMM conspire or any plan of its kind since it is not valid.

"Of the OFM's 200 temples in Nigeria alone and its 800 branches in 51 countries of the world, it is feasible for any of the ministers to wander off and be amended. Actually, we found that Pastor Aiyedun, including some different individuals from OFM, did the plan before our dad, Apostle Johnson Suleman made the notice a year ago against MMM, yet Pastor Aiyedun was let go on the grounds that he did it with the service's name as the OFM rules disallow any of its ministers access to the record aside from individuals in the record office."

It was assembled that to empower him care for his family while he looks for different things to do in life, the congregation paid the sacked minister an entire one year compensation ahead on the guideline of Apostle Suleman who was not accessible for remarks at press time.
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