Paying tithe is a scam, Linda ikeji doesn't pay tithe yet she succeeds: OAP Freeze reacts to Linda's newly acquired range rover autobiography

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Cool FM's On air personality Daddy Freeze must be crazy because i dont know why he will write such a thing and post it publicly, what is he trying to do, discourage people from paying tithe? He must be an

Just because popular Blogger Linda Ikeji upgraded her 2014 Range Rover Sport SUV to a new range Range Rover Autobiography 2016 model doesn't mean he should come out and say nonsense

Linda's brother Peks Ikeji made the announcement on Instagram writing:

“My hardworking sister @officiallindaikeji just moved from a 2014 Range Rover Sport to a brand new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography. Oh boy, see machine 😍😍🙋💃👏👏👏”

 In another post he wrote,  “This car go buy house for Lekki o. Chai! You deserve it @officiallindaikeji .. I watch you work so hard! Enjoy the fruit of your labour.. #Proudbrother 😚” 
We all rejoice with aunty Linda as she acquires the latest 2016 model of the Range Rover Autobiography which starts at about $60,000 and could go for much more depending on the options but that doesn't mean OAP Freeze should start saying nonsense.

Reacting to the newly acquired range autobiography by OAP Freeze, he posted this message

I just got off the phone with Linda after congratulating her on yet another achievement inside this recession, a 70 million Naira Range Rover autobiography SUV. How did she do it? Did she invest in MMM? Of course not, did God bless her because she paid tithe to a Yahoo boy pastor? Hell no!!! So how did she do it??? SHE WORKED HARD!!! The key to success is hard work! Linda works 16 hours a day on the average and she empowers everyone around her, family, friends, widows, orphans and unemployed women that's what God wants!
@officiallindaikeji I am so proud of you! You are hardworking, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, innovative, unstoppable, influential in fact Ifeoma, you are too much!
Where angels fear to tread you go there and buy land. You are an avant-garde archetype and a paradigm shifter all in one and I'm so proud of you! Learn from Linda all u need is Hardwork, perseverance dedication and determination, money will surely come!
God said all the tithe belong to the Levites in Numbers 18: 21. Do you know that Levites are not even Christians?? They are JEWS and they practice Judaism!!! Never in the bible was the role of the Levites or the tithe transferred from the Levite to any apostle, bishop, deacon, disciple, prayer warrior, pastor, priest, prophet, choir master, minister or any Nigerian pastor.
None of the 12 disciples of JESUS collected tithe, so why are Nigerian pastors collecting it on their behalf?

After reading all these, I repeat daddy freeze you are an idiot. Thats all i have to say.
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