#OAU: Relatives Of Deceased Medical Student Tells Court - There's No Time & Energy To Take Up The Case, The Deed Cannot Be Undone

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Relatives of Olorunfemi Oluwaseun in today's court proceeding has communicated that they have no energy to take up the case as the deed is overseen without a possible reversal. Olorunfemi Oluwaseun is a 400 Level
medicine student of (OAU) Obafemi Awolowo University, who died in a road mishap on campus.

We were well and on a very basic level educated by the working environment of the University Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the whole aftereffect of the court strategies that happened today in an exchange.

The school Chief Security Officer, Prof. B.J Olasode said;

"The relatives of the perished came around today and they have done the after death examination of the body and they are truly masterminding when to cover him. They ensured they will contact us as of the day and the design that will be taken ."

"Concerning the case in court, the family said they are not charmed by looking for after the case. They communicated that the deed is done starting now and that, and that there is nothing to achieve by heading off to the court and smoldering through money senselessly after the deed has as of now been finished."

"They were in like manner of the inclination that taking the arraignments can't bring the dead and up in context of that, they have to forego the whole thing and present everything to the hands of God."— University CSO, OAU.

On what now will the consequence of the individual who drove the auto be as asked by our specialist;

"What we agreed for them (with the court) is to charge the contention against the Commissioner of Police now that we don't have a complainant any more; then, it must be between the suspect (in transit that he is yet to be maintained at risk by an official court) and the Commissioner of Police."

"In any case, with that also, I know the Attorney General for the state will simply recommend that he should be given certain orders. You know as to mishap, they can simply charge him for 'man butcher' and not slaughter. Along these lines, it now depends on upon the appeal general society prosecutors office will provoke the court that will make sense of what will happen in the court now. In any case, as beginning now, the case is still in the prelude of the police and the court," said the University CSO, OAU.
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