Nigerians Blast MMM Admin For Presenting Christmas Message Instead Of Unfreezing Account

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With many Nigerians committing suicide and going crazy others have come out to blast the owner of MMM Nigeria and the administrators of his Facebook  page after his managers and handlers presented Christmas message on its Facebook page.

Many saw this as an opportunity to gripe about their yet to be released money and their freezed accounts and also the hardship it has brought on them.

 It was a genuine dramatization as individuals continued asking for their cash to be unfreezed.

The owner of MMM recently froze the account of all members this early December with the guarantee to unfreeze it in January.

Be that as it may, individuals are still doubtful about the matter as theory keep on trailing the matter. Numerous Nigerians have their millions in the plan freezed and are hoping thir money would be released soon.

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