MMM is Satanic & Anyone Involved Is demonic – Apostle Suleman

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Apostle Johnson Suleman has spoken again ooo, this time its about Mavrodi Mondial Movement investment scheme widely known as "MMM"
Apostle suleman, the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), said that (MMM) is Satanic and anyone involved in it is demonic.
During a church service, Apostle Suleiman said...

  • Go and check the founder of MMM. He was a fraudster in America; defrauded people, and that’s what you’re involving yourself in and you are a Christian, looking for easy way out. Many Christians have gotten involved. If you are involved in MMM, I have to pray for you today. It’s not of God. Any quick fix way for money is not of God because some people are being defrauded to enrich some other people.”
“Any quick-rich scheme is wrong. In life, everything you get if is not favour from a particular individual. If it’s quick favour through a process, you will pay for it later. If it’s a person you know that walked up to you and blesses you, take it. That’s favour. But a quick business transaction that can bring a return of over 200 person, is not of God.”
МММ started in Russia. It perpetrated one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes of all time in the 1990s.
In 2015, MMM began operating in South Africa with the same business model as MMM-2011, claiming a “30% per month” return through a “social financial network”. The group was identified as a possible pyramid scheme by the National Consumer Commission and accounts of clients were later frozen by Capitec Bank in response to mounting criticism and official investigations by state authorities.
In 2016, supporters of the South African MMM scheme staged a protest march in Johannesburg, and has started up again late November 2016.
Watch the video below:
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