Mike Bamiloye: Comedy In Church Is A Big Sin

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Evangelist Mike Bamiloye drives the Mount Zion Film Productions, an association that has created Christian motion pictures from the 1980s.

Together with his significant spouse Gloria, the couple has accomplished more than two dozen movies that lecture the gospel in sensational shape.

Actually, a few of their movies have appeared in Churches and convention grounds. One can securely say that they spearheaded the 'gospel show' sort of Nigerian film-production.

That is the reason it is quite confounding, when this man who was played a herbalist with chalk sketches on him for the sake of winning souls by dramatization now says
places of worship that convey comics to come and engage the gathering are 'ridiculing God'.

In a protracted Facebook post, he composed: 'For quite a while I have scrutinized the incorporation of comic drama in chapel occasions. What do I doubt? The way that the humorists acquired are permitted to make jokes of sacred writings, the Blood of Jesus, talking in tongues, the position of royalty of elegance and so on.' And we stay there chuckling… !'

While the godly man is qualified for his own particular opinions on such matters, yet would it say it isn't a touch of lip service to decry "satire" as a transgression when he himself is a performer that has made individuals snicker at his character?

Like Christians say, it is well.
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