Love and Heartbreak


Love and heartbreak

Love and heartbreak
They are like sisters in the heart
What a sad case
He came into my life

Like a thief in the night
He broke into my heart with a dagger knife
We talked about "us"
Life of romance filled our hearts
We were into each other
Living a life of love
From the depth of our heart
We longed to see each other happy
Cuddle into each other's arm
Living a life of happiness
As lovers

The silent murderer came in-Heartbreak
Poison to the soul
Dagger in the heart
Killer of love
Murderer of love
How I wish you did not exist
Why can't you leave our sweet life?
Why are you tredding after us
You caused a deep separation between our love
What kind of murderer are you,heartbreak?
Hatred and loss of interest you brought
Leaving us too busy for our love life
Sharp responses instead of romantic responses,
Joy in the heart now sadness in the heart and dejection
Oh heartbreak!
As your name implies
You broke us apart
No more love
No interest
Pain in the heart

You have taught me a lesson
I will never love deeply,
But now be a "player"
Cos love has died in me
And can never be

        Ebun Hannah

              Ebun Hannah.
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  1. Awwwn
    This is so lovely
    Nice one ����������

    1. Thanks for you comment...
      We would love to see more


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