Court Sentences Son Of Former House of Rep Member To Death By Hanging

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A High court sitting in Katsina State has sentenced 32 year old Mu'ammar Tukur, child of previous House of Representatives
part and District Head of Bakori, to death by hanging for at fault crime.

Tukur was dragged under the watchful eye of the court for making use of a knife to cut one Shafir Muktar to death on April 21st 2008 amid a battle amongst him and some other young fellows at a football seeing focus.

Conveying judgment for the situation today, the directing judge, Justice Abbas Bawale, said the contention set forward by the convict's insight, AbdulAziz Olagoke, were unsustainable.

Bawale ‎said that the blamed remained in isolation somewhere around 2008 and 2013 subsequent to carrying out the wrongdoing and was captured at the burial ground amid the memorial service of his expired mother.

He included that Tukur's clarification that he was incited to carry out the wrongdoing was not tasteful in light of the fact that he cleared out the scene and accompanied the metallic instrument to perpetrate the wrongdoing.

The judge said the arraignment had demonstrated the case past sensible uncertainty as required by law and sentenced the convict to death by hanging. He focused on that the supplication for tolerance couldn't be engaged in light of the fact that the court's watchfulness was hindered by law and coordinated that the request ought to be set to the state representative.
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