#Friendship 1: Rules Of True Friendship

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There are no clearly stated rules of friendship but from our environment we can pick out certain rules that must apply to somebody.
These rules are meant to give you guidelines on how to live with friends.

1 HONESTY: Nowadays its hard to find a very honest person, many people can say the word honesty but only a few out of those many are honest. One thing we should all know is that friendship is higher than brotherhood.
What we do with our close friends or tell them most times cant be done with our brothers. Therefore, we should always try our possible best to be honest.

2 RELIABILITY: We should always try to honour our promises and do things the way we have said we will do it. We should never fail in our promises and if we would we should notify our friend as soon as possible.

3 RESPECT: when you have respect, you will be highly priced, people will get close to you.
One thing that should be noted is that you should never see yourself or think of yourself higher than others.
Just because you are familiar with someone doesn't mean you should reduce the persons value.
Fact is if you don't respect yourself you cannot respect anyone.
Always respect the beliefs and morals of others therefore, never judge anyone.

4 LOYALTY: Note: A true friend is not for sale. One of the greatest things you can have is that when you are not there your friend can speak for you, he/she can stand for you, he/she will support you in your absence.
Loyalty is a very important key in friendship, always try to be loyal.

5 PATIENCE: You must be patient with your friend, everyone usually have issues, problems with their friends, but one key thing you need in every bad time is Patience.
Fact is: if you are not patient in handling your ugly times, you will never be able to handle your beautiful times

6 TOGETHERNESS: A good friend is in all weather, always there for you when things are wrong. Supports you openly and corrects you secretly.
Always has a constructive mentality of criticism when correcting you.
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