#9 Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Music legend King Sunny Ade

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King Sunny Ade 

Music legend KSA is the first Nigerian artist to be selected for a Grammy Award and got a second nomination soon after. 
Conceived on September 22, 1946, was the first Nigerian to celebrate his 70th birthday for one week. 

Here are 10 things you didn't think about the legend… 

1. His Parents

KSA's dad was a church priest and organist, while his mom was a trader.

2. His Early Life

He ran away from home for the city to pursue is music career under the pretense of going to the University of Lagos.

3. First Involvement In Entertainment

KSA, Baba Sala, Fatai Rolling Dollar and Obey

His first experience as a performer was withBaba Sala's Federal Rhythm Dandies.

4. The Grammys 

KSA is the first ever Nigerian to get a Grammy award nomination and got a second soon after his first nomination.

5. KSA and Island Records 

Island Records marked KSA in the mid 80s after the demise of Bob Marley and planned making him the following worldwide star however the agreement was brief as he declined to 'Europeanise his music' as asked for by the name. KSA released three collections (Juju Music in 1982, Syncro System in 1983 and Aura in '84) under Island Records.

6. What New York Times said in regards to him

KSA and band individuals

New York Times depicted KSA as one of the best band pioneers of all circumstances.

7. His coordinated efforts 

KSA and Stevie Wonder

KSA is one of the primary African performers to work together with American acts. In 1984, he included Stevie Wonder on his collection, Aura.

8. Starred In An Hollywood Movie

 Sunny Ade's '365 Is My Number' and 'The Message' highlighted as a concoction in the 1983 film, "Short of breath"

King Sunny Ade's '365 Is My Number' and 'The Message' highlighted as a concoction in the 1983 film, "Short of breath"

Lord Sunny Ade showed up in the 1983 Hollywood motion picture,' Breathless' which stars Richard Gere.

 9. Auctioned His Legendary Guitar

His guitar amwas auctioned at his 70th birthday for 52 Million Naira.

10. He Is A Prince

He is acclaimed as a melodic "king" yet KSA was really naturally introduced to a regal house in Ondo town, which makes him a ruler and one of those qualified to the honored position of Ondo Kingdom.
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