Watch: 9 year old boy catches and saves his 11-month-old brother after he fell from a changing table (Video)

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A 9 year old souuth Florida boy named Joseph Levi has become a ‘hero’ after he rescued his little 11- month old brother from falling off a table! 

Luckily, the 11-month-old was caught without  hesitation before hitting the
floor! See the shocking Surveillance footage showed the boy's mother, Tila Levi, turning her  back on the 11-month-old baby, before nine-year-old Joseph Levi dashed  to the rescue just as the 30-pound infant fell to the ground in their  Bal Harbour, Florida home.

As the 11-month-old tumbled towards the floor and
flipped over several times in the air, his brother, Levi, prevented him
from crashing to the ground as he moved swiftly and outstretched his
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