Unbelievable! Teacher rapes 13-year-old girl as punishment for incomplete homework (Photo)

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Folks this is unimaginable, by what method can this happen? a school head educator who compellingly disvirgined his 13-year-old understudy over fragmented homework has been sentenced to 25 years detainment will serve 25. 

Alex Otieno, additionally the proprietor of Starlet Academy in Nakuru, was sentenced the 

offense by a Nakuru court on Thursday, November 24th. 

The 36-year-old father of three was charged that he submitted the offense between April 30, 2013 and July 19, 2013 at Dundori in Nakuru County. 

In her declaration, the minor said on July 19, 2013, the instructor called her to his office after he discovered that she didn't finish her homework. She said that he assaulted her in his office and cautioned her not to tell anybody. She 

included that her companion and cohort asked her what happened however she was frightened of advising her. 

"My cohort asked me what wasn't right yet I was terrified of advising her. I wound up advising her when we were leaving school," she included. The second witness, the colleague, described to court how shaken the young lady was and how she minded her own business. " 

"When she originated from the instructor's office, she seemed shaken yet when I enquired what had happened, she declined to let me know. She uncovered what had happened when we were leaving school that night," she said. 

In her declaration, the minor said that on July 19, 2013, the instructor called her to his office after he discovered that she had not finished her Composition and Social Studies homework. 

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The schoolmate included that she persuaded the young lady to report the issue to her mom that evening.The mother told the court that her little girl returned home on July 19, 2013, terrified and joined by her companion. 

"She seemed shaken. When I enquired what had happened, her companion advised her 'si useme'. She then let me know that her educator had contaminated her," said the mother.The mother told the court that she and her little girl reported the episode to the police and finished a P3 shape at the Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru with a Dr Matara. What's more, in his declaration, the specialist told the court that the minor and her mom had gone by the doctor's facility on July 20, 2013. His examination uncovered that the minor had been debased. 

Senior Resident Magistrate Judicaster Nthuku said she found the confirmation displayed by the arraignment to be valid. The judge said the denounced was not repentant and the announcement he postured to the minor demonstrated that he contaminated her. 

The court observed the sentence to be fit and reasonable. The blamed has 14 days to advance the sentence.
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