Toyo Baby of Jenifa's Diary: why I always talk about my virginity

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Talented nollywood actress Olayode Juliana, popularly known as Toyo Baby in the popular series ‘Jenifa’s Dairy’, is one young and talented lady who knows her onions.
The star actress revealed to Nigerians the major reason she vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. Read below...

"I opened up because God instructed me to. Some years ago, I was at Bible Study when He said He’ll open a door for me in the entertainment industry and that when He does I should use the platform to talk about sexual purity. I thank God for the grace and boldness to talk about it despite all odds and oppositions. I am doing it because it’s what God told me to do even before I started acting professionally, when I never imagined I’ll be on TV. There is a world out there that needs to hear the message of purity, lots of people have let go of their virginity thinking they are the only ones left and thinking it’s “old school”. I belong to a ministry, ‘Mine ministry'."

Speaking more about the service, she said:"Out of numerous different things we do, we are solid backers of sexual virtue. We have our World Virginity Day, stamped second Saturday of June consistently. I trust that somebody needs to realize that he or she is not the only one in this trip and that regardless of the possibility that you're not a virgin you can be sexually unadulterated by deciding never to do it again till marriage. 

We have to raise our voice of immaculateness to spare the present era and the once after us so that virginity and virtue won't turn into a story of the past." 

On sex before marriage, she said, " Sex before marriage makes relationship more muddled (complicated). 

A few women date more than five men before marriage and lay down with every one of them since they consider it to be a standard or an approach to demonstrate their affection against God's standard.

  •  I for one trust that there is a considerable measure to sex than the joy it gives. It makes you get to be distinctly one with the individual. It ties you with the individual, to such an extent that when you wed you contrast your past sexual life and your present and the recollections of how you did it with the other individual won't abandon you, expecting more from your significant other or spouse, overlooking that we are all not the same and our sexual lives can't be the same also. 

That is the thing that prompts to duping in marriage. A few men or ladies can't envision been dependable to only one individual since they've done it with a few people in their past or before marriage so it's troublesome. Inquire about has it and I learnt that in the event that you had intercourse with a specific individual on the off chance that you meet the individual years after and only you're or whatever, it is exceptionally conceivable that you will do it once more. 

Sex is great, don't misunderstand me, I mean God made it and all that He made is great and lovely however sex before marriage is the thing that makes it terrible and wrong and sex with any other person separated from your significant other or spouse in marriage is awful also."

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