Oluwo of Iwo: why I named my son Oduduwa + what I told my wife after she conceived

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Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, The Oluwo of Iwo, In a late talk with Saturday Beats, opened up on why he was not amazed about the introduction of his child. He said...

“God always converses with me and I have a personal relationship with Him. The day my wife gave birth to our won a, I told her that she was pregnant and I told her she would give birth to a boy whose name would be Oduduwa,” he said.

The ruler told Saturday Beats that he named his youngster, Oduduwa, after the forebear of the Yoruba race, since it was a guideline from God.

He said, "We named the tyke Oduduwa in light of the fact that God is attempting to tell the general population that if Oduduwa was alive today, he would serve just a single God. Oduduwa just served one God and that is the reason God instructed me to give my youngster that name. There are a great deal of ways God speaks with me and He was the one that let me know that I would turn into a lord regardless of what and that happened. In the event that God instructed me to name my child Oduduwa what else would I do? That name is our name.

“Every name has a meaning and Oduduwa is no different; it simply means, ‘he came out black’. We should not be ashamed to name our kids after our great progenitors. The name should even be on the ground a lot but nobody is bearing the name because people believe it is a fetish name. Oduduwa never worshipped any idol. All the idols in Yoruba land came after Oduduwa so there is strong evidence that Oduduwa never worshipped any other God.”

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