#OAU RAPE CASE: Crisis on campus as accused rapist now known, refuses to show up for moderation

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There has been serious crisis on campus especially at the victims hall of residence Mozambique hall. The Hall of residence is seriously hot as student Want the accused brought to their and the case moderated in their presence.

According to news reaching the flywaterz media, report has it that on
Friday, 12th of November 2016, a female student from the faculty of education accused one Mr. Zabath of attempting to rape her at SUB.

BREAKING: 2ND Rape victim as another OAU student reportedly raped

Various students reacted to this allegation and agreed to meet at SUB security room for the moderation of the case. Though the accused has now been known, the accused has refused to show up at the suggested place of meeting.

The accused who goes by the name ZABATH, refused to show up at the set time between the hours of 9am-1pm.
As various persons arrived at the building between the hours of 9am-1pm, several calls were put across to the accused (ZABATH) and the victim that failed to avail themselves for moderation of the case.

The the newly appointed CSO of the students union security committee appointed by the electoral commission in person of Tripple A was also quoted saying that "I am the CSO of the union security committee appointed by the chairman of the electoral commission, I was here at SUB the day this alleged act happened and till now, no case has been formally reported but I promise great ife student that justice will prevail" he said.

I have not come here because I have personal issues with anyone, I have just come to witness justice" he said. Another student then submitted that without the accused and the victim no case can be moderated.

The CSO, Tripple A then postponed the moderation, he promised that investigation will continue and the day for moderation will be properly communicated to students.

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