Must Read: 5 killer Sex Positions That Can Make Your Spouse Ask For More In Bed

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You are looking for the techniques that are helpful for you to have a hottest and the steamy sex than you ever had in your life.

 You find your woman remaining unsatisfied for the every time you chose a stereotype or boring sex position. Knowing the best killer sex positions without lasting up to 25 min in bed is like trying to make a car run on water.

you should not turn and twist your woman because she is not designed as a drag-roll for you. 

 You should know the cornerstones to put your lady on the heights of sexual peak and you have to realize that you are by all account not the only one who needs to appreciate sex; she is additionally there with you to appreciate this regular and the most required physical movement And the more you Last in bed will decide How fulfilled She will be. So what do you think about the significance of sexual positions?

 I know you have changed your thought regarding the sex positions now. So how about we observe on the best sex positions to give your lady remarkable and most jolting climaxes.

1. Face down Position: The very first position I want to discuss with you in this article is called the lying face down position. Lying face down is a superb sex position to have an unforgettable orgasm for both partners. In this position, the man is on top and he penetrates from the back. The woman lays-on bed with her face in downward direction. She lifts her butts upward in front of man and usually she
doesn’t open her legs. This position is good for you to please your woman in bed as the legs of your woman remain closed and you can enjoy more stimulation because there is more friction with woman’s legs closed.

2. Doggy-style: This one is very popular and so many people still don’t understand the position very well. Well, Doggy-style position is a well-known and tested position to please women in efficient way. This position also gives the woman a powerful orgasm quite earlier and in a raunchy way. This is a different and one of the most distinct sex positions as this is used by many creatures other than the human beings on this earth. This sex position is also suggested to the men who want to calm down their extra sexual excitement and hence they can last longer in bed also. If You Don’t Know How To Give A Woman At Least 3 Orgasms In One Lovemaking Session, She WILL Leave You For Another Man! Click Here to Learn How to Make Her Orgasm as many times as she Desire.

3. The Enhanced missionary position: Missionary position is believed to be a common and old style of sex. This is true also but although of its old origin, yet it still bears the most stimulating and pleasurable features that will allow you both to enjoy sex. For this purpose, you need to add some new enhancement in it but to a little extent. You need to lay her on the bed and get yourself up to her (at the top). Deviating from the normal style, you should open her legs wider. Do remember that in this enhanced missionary position, you do not need to hold her legs; however you need to punch on her passionately. This position will make her hips more moving and the penetration will go deeper than any other sexual position. In this way you can really please your woman in bed.

4. Reverse Cowgirl: Is she shy but still wants to take control? Then this is the best bet. Just like the woman-on-top, she straddles him, but in this case, it is with her back to him. It is great for the more timid woman as she can face away from her partner and focus on her own pleasure. She does not have to feel insecure about being watched if she is not very comfortable with her body.

 5. Raunchy Rocker: The staple for strippers worldwide. In this position, the man sits on a sturdy, armless chair as the woman climbs aboard and bring them both to bliss. She gets to show off her sensual moves and he gets to just enjoy the show. To make things even hotter, foreplay could consist of her slowly offering a striptease show.

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