Episode 2: I Wonder Why 1

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For all of you who have been waiting for our 2nd episode  on my heart in bits, well here it is...

For our newbies, before you proceed in reading this we will like to let you know what this story really is all about

I wonder why is all about a boy who has been furstrated and depressed about his life happenings but hasn't let life frustrations weigh him down and still
strives for a better future even when things are not going on smooth and always wonders why this things happen the way they do but has never really seem to find answers to his questions "WHY"?

There are so many questions, questions I'll like to ask so you all can understand exactly the way i really feel.

In life everything can't go on smooth we all can't be the same,  just like as much as we all want to be rich, we all can't be rich, life has taught me great lessons and as much as I have learnt I now understand  that no matter who you are you have to learn a lesson.

There are so many lessons we learn in life but the most important thing is what we do with the lessons we've learnt.

My dreams are so big, at this age i thought i would have achieved them but life's challenges are so great and with all I've learnt I believe all I need to do is just keep on striving and never give up. Though some find it easy and they just do things the way they like. People call it destiny, but I wonder why?

 I noticed that not everyone that smiles and laughs is actually really happy sometimes people just do that to cover up their depressions and I wonder why?

I know i don't deserve some things but with God's mighty hands i stil get them. Right now I should be part of the people who should be covering up their faces and thinking of how bad their life has being but i'm not and I wonder why?

I am very happy and i'm proud to say it.
people might say what they like
But I believe life is not all about just thinking but about actions, i believe life is about taking the right actions on our thoughts.

So many things has happened to me in my very short period in life, things i canot say with my mouth but even though things that i never believed could happen has happened i still believe in what lies ahead because at the end of everything what will matter is how I finished not how I started.

 nowadays the world is changing so fast, that it is even changing faster than usain bolt. we all know this life we live is dynamic and things are meant to change day by day but not to the extent of how it is now.

Nowadays people don't believe in the truth anymore and all they believe in is lies. They so much enjoy it that they might even give you an award.
But the problem I have with this is that when you tell them the truth they get angry and when they now eventually get to know that you lied to them they get more angry than before.
All this make me curious and I wonder why?

As much as there has been so much depressions and sadness which has caused so many frustrations in my life but has gradually turned into joy I want to leave you guys with this.

Don't just dream always strive to achieve your dreams.

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