Hillary Loses As Trump Becomes The Next American President, What went wrong?

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Oh no the people's favourite Hillary after defeating trump in all the 3 debates you still ended up loosing the election, Donald Trump the bad boy nobody wanted is now the new president.

I am not too surprised!
Just scared for what will happen to
Migrants in America! Especially my fellow Nigerians.

The Hillary Clinton's email scam really got her and now Africans are in a very sad mood.

A friend of mine said this...
 A lady said Trump was mad and would never win,I said No,he isn't,he just found a strategy to stay on top and that is what will get him the ticket...He kept confidently saying he would win and there are some sick people out there who will make sure they vote to make his wish come true.

To our own Wole Soyinka,please televise your tearing of your green card and get arrested.

To those American Celebs who vowed to leave America if Trump wins?
they are welcome to relocate to Nigeria.

To prophet TB Joshua how far?were you awake when you dreamt that hillary won or were you asleep?

Who else?
Politics is dirty meeeen...So all those people who accused Trump and he said he would sue,wahala dey oh.

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