Appreciating that special someone

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My amazing readers, its been a great 11- month together the year 2016 is coming to an end and In few days time we will be entering the last month of the year, the month of December. 

we have 6 days left for December and the flywayerz media is introducing a great opportunity for you all to

appreciate that special someone in your life who has done so much for you this year with sweet loving words.

This year has been quite successful for you, there might be a lot of people who have done so much for you but out of many there will still be one person who has added value to your life, who has made you smile, who has stood by you and wiped away your tears this year. it could be your mum, dad, friend, fiance, fiancee, husband or wife.

Anyone of them you would like to appreciate, why not join us on "appreciating that special someone" series

How do you join?

Send an email to containing:

>>>Your letter of appreciation

>>>Two clear pictures of that icon in your life this year. 
>>>Follow our blog ""
>>>Don't forget to include your name (it could be what he/she knows you as) and after yours is posted, you'd get the link. It's that simple!

The first 5 people to send in their letter of appreciation would get instant christmass prizes from The flywaterz media.

You can also appreciate more than 1 person!


Offer closes December 1st 2016!


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