RELATIONSHIP: Why You Should Never Settle For Less

​As humans we should never settle for less, if we truly love someone we should go grab it we should never have any half-baked love to anyone, our relationships should always be true and nothing more.
By now you should know that to be in a
very serious, meaningful and romantic relationship with someone who really loves you, and who you truly love is a very beautiful thing. Just like d'banj will say "love is a very beautiful thing"
Seriously love is really Amazing, it comes naturally, unplanned, and that is when it’s best. Two people who fall heedlessly, head-first in love… perfect.
There is also another type which is the imperfect love. It's, the kind of love that you alreadt know it’s not right for you, but you still force yourself into it.
Because of the type of society we in live in, and the attachment of ‘too much’ importance on relationships and love, especially when you get to a certain age, too many people have had to settle for relationships that are less than fulfilling, because they simply want to conform to society’s standards, or because they don’t want to be alone.
Yes, I totally understand how crazy things might get; your friends repeatedly asking you why you don’t have a girlfriend, your mum asking when you are going to come introduce your girlfriend to her, etc.
The pressure could be exhausting, and annoying, I understand, but you don’t have to cave in and settle for just anybody just because they are pressuring you. Don't be pushed into a life of unhappiness. No, don’t let them do that to you.
Here are three reasons why you should not settle for a relationship just for the sake of it.
1. Your odds are better than you think
You are an amazing young man, an amazing lady with straight priorities, you do not cheat, you are faithful and loyal and sweet and smart.
Come on, that you haven’t met someone yet, or that you have heard so much bad things about cheaters, and read so many hoe stories on Twitter does not mean that there are no good people out there anymore.
Don’t ever settle for the mentality of “there are no good girls out there anymore,” or “all guys are cheaters.”
Don’t do that to yourself. There are tons of great people and your chances of finding them are greater than you think.
2. There’s still a lot out there to enjoy
When you allow yourself too focused on being in a relationship, you lose out on all the fun and benefits of being single.
Don’t become obsessed with falling in love by all means. Relax and enjoy the freedom you still have now, relationships are meant to go on and on, and you have all your life to be committed to one person.
Till that happens, keep calm and enjoy your freedom.
3. Being alone is actually not a bad thing
Being in a relationship, any relationship, is better than being alone.
I make bold to say that this one of the worst ideas anyone has ever come with since the beginning on God’s creation of heaven and earth.
Never believe that, don’t let them make you settle for average crap. Being single is not a disease. Never was, never will be.
Rather than settling for a relationship that is less than ideal, take the opportunity to get to know yourself better.
Figure out what you like and don’t like, your deal breakers, and what you actually want in an ideal partner.
The more you learn to love and accept yourself, and the more you open yourself up to the world around you, the better your chances of meeting someone real and avoid the sadness of a heartbreak.
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