#OAU: Few Reasons Why The Health Centre Is Still A Very Good Idea

It has become a wide spread news on campus as people no longer want to visit the schools health centre when they are Ill.

It's so debilitating that after wasting 2-3 hours queueing just to see the doctor at the
schools health centre and another hour explaining how how you have been feeling pains everywhere on your body, how you blacked out twice in class, how you have been stooling and vomitting for as long as two weeks. What's more, you end up getting Paracetamol and antimalarial tablet.

Here and there students are compelled to pose a few questions:

1)Are the health centre doctors very much prepared?

2)Do they determine certain joy in giving patients antimalarial medications and Paracetamol?

3)Is it worse to go to a drug store shop and purchase medications or all the more still call my doctors at home?
Above are a portion of the inquiries pestering a few students, some have even pledged not to step their foot In health centre regardless of how debilitated they are.

More & more reasons goes down as each activity of the health centre doctors pass by.
Some of my views below might help you see and do things in an alternate point of view.

Basically Malaria is the most wide-spread disease in Nigeria which is easily contacted through mousquitoes most especially on campus and since it is the most endemic infection on campus, it is more secure for a few doctors to begin their treatment with antimalarial drugs keeping in mind the end goal to cancel out malaria fever.
Keep in mind those adverts on T.V that typically closes with; if symptoms persist after 3-days counsult your doctor.

A Doctor more often than not is very much aware of  what else to do when a patient returns subsequent to taking meds he or she was giving without changes.

The issue is typically that students frequently look for option elsewhere once their meds don't work.

Drugs at Health centre have been paid for in the school charges, so why squander cash somewhere else.
Health center or clinic gives you the chance to interact and converse with prepared faculty (specialists, drug specialists, attendants and so on.).

Drugs fizzle: this happens even in the best clinics in the world. At the point when medications come up short, a specialist can either change his treatment or request that the patient do more tests.

Self-medicine is not the best sort of treatment and in most situations, has brought more harm to the patient than good.

it is highly adviced to visit the health center or clinic, explain to the specialist about your feelings of bad, past or previous treatment and anything you think he or she ought to know about.

Note: A patient should know that he has the privilege to request a referral on the note that he or she is not happy with the treatment.

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