Kaffy Clears the Air, The Incident Happened In New York & Davido Owes me For 3-months

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Kaffy vs Davido: How come she doesn't know that what dancers do is a business?
In a late meeting with our sources 

NNigeria dancer kaffy clarified what truly turned out badly amongst her and davido. 

Kaffy, the mother of two dispelled any confusion air on the video she as of late released which is bringing on 

perplexity and persuading Davido sent artists off stage at the simply
finished up 3 Thrones show in Lagos. Or maybe she said the occurrence happened three months back in New York. 

'The arrangement I had with Davido concerning driving artists off stage was on July 22, 2016 at the Barclays Center in New York for the One Africa Music Festival, it was not 3 Thrones,' she said. 

Kaffy included that, 'He had as of now instructed me to contract artists to move for him yet when he was going to get in front of an audience he all of a sudden said he needn't bother with them any longer and the artists were at that point by the stage. I took a gander at his director and I said, 'does he know despite everything he'll need to pay them, since they are American artists, they practiced and were prepared to go in front of an audience.' So a couple of minutes after the fact, Davido's administrator, Kamal came backstage and said they can go along with him in front of an audience now, that Davido needed to do the main couple of tunes alone. I knew It was a conceal yet in any case, the young ladies went in front of an audience and hit the dance floor with him. From that point forward, it's just about three months now and they are yet to pay. I needed to pay the young ladies with my own particular cash.' 

Our sources additionally asked: Will regardless you gather your money...she said It's my sweat and I will gather my compensation. I couldn't care less about him saying he doesn't have an issue with me, I have an issue with him. He's getting a charge out of the confusion of the fans, he's not approaching to dispel any confusion air or apologize and say he'll pay me my cash, they've not called me, they've disregarded me till this indicate I'm talking you.
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